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Code of Ethics

This code of ethics (hereinafter the “Code of Ethics“) sets forth the principles and rules of conduct that govern the Argentine Association of Linguistic Services Companies (hereinafter “AASL”) and that must be complied with, respected, observed and promoted by all its members.
Any breach of the rules set forth in this Code of Ethics shall be considered a serious offense under the terms of Section 180 of the National Civil and Commercial Code, and the Board of Directors may proceed to exclude the non-compliant member.

Law Compliance All members of AASL (hereinafter the “Members”) must carry out their activities in accordance with the laws in force in the Argentine Republic and the best practices at the international level, seeking to faithfully comply with AASL’s Bylaws, taking into account the objectives and social function proposed therein.

Antitrust All Members shall carry out their activities in strict compliance with the Antitrust Law, refraining from performing or executing any type of actions that imply or could lead to the commission of conducts or the performance of acts contrary to the Antitrust Law, undertaking not to promote or carry out any type of agreement between competitors regarding prices, areas, customers, suppliers, among others; not to exchange sensitive commercial information (prices, customers, future production plans, costs, etc.); not to discuss or promote discussions on public bids in which Members may participate or agree on positions of associates in bids; and/or any other act that may restrict competition in the market.

Illegal/Child Labor: Members shall not hire or encourage illegal or unregistered labor or child labor in any form.
Prohibition of handouts: No Member shall offer any payment or promise to pay or give anything of value, advantage, or benefit, directly or through any third party, to any public official or official of state-owned enterprises, or persons connected therewith, for the purpose of obtaining or continuing business or obtaining any advantage.

Accounting: All the transactions of Members shall be properly recorded in official books of accounts in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. All payments must be properly recorded, and Members must not conceal, alter, or tamper with their records.

Foreign Trade: Members shall comply with the rules and procedures relating to the importation and exportation of products and services, according to the applicable legislation.

Money Laundering: Members undertake to comply with the regulations in force on money laundering, and shall subject all business relationships to adequate internal controls to avoid involvement in such criminal activities.

Responsible Advertising: Members undertake to ensure that all advertising follows standards of honesty, integrity, accuracy, and truthfulness in what is stated, being obliged to strictly comply with the regulations in force regarding Commercial Loyalty and Consumer Protection, before their customers and competitors.

Sustainability: Members undertake to comply strictly with current environmental regulations, and accept that commitment to society will be an essential part of their activities.

Propriety: Members shall conduct themselves in such a manner that their actions do not adversely affect the reputation and interests of the Association. Members shall respect and exercise the Association’s values of transparency, consistency, and professionalism.

Confidentiality: Members must comply with all applicable intellectual property laws. All information handled within the scope of the Association is considered confidential and should not be shared outside this scope.

Conflicts of interests: Each Member must avoid and, to the extent they arise, resolve, any actual or potential conflict of interest, as well as openly acknowledge any and all conflicts of interest that arise from their relationship with AASL. In the event that any Member has a conflict of interest that may interfere with its work or the Association’s decision making, such Member shall report its existence and refrain from participating in the decision making in which such conflict exists, which shall be resolved by the Board of Directors.

Professional Ethics: In the performance of their duties, Members shall accept and promote compliance of professional ethics in the same spirit that governs the conduct of the Association, and through their conduct be an example of the application of the highest standards in ethics to contribute to the fulfillment of the objective of AASL, being prohibited defamation and/or any other act that affects the honor of the Members and threatens the normal development of the activities of AASL.

Córdoba, August 2017

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