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About AASL

The Argentine Association of Language Services Companies (AASL) was founded in 2017 with the goal of representing Argentine companies that are part of the language services industry and its related activities on a local, regional, and international level.

The Argentine Association of Language Services Companies (AASL) is a modern, open, democratic, and transparent civil association created in 2017. Our goal is to represent all Argentine companies that are part of the language services industry and its related activities on a local, regional and international level before government agencies, similar associations from all over the world and other private stakeholders. Our purpose is to further the development of the translation industry and to work on changing the conditions that limit the growth of companies in this sector.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The active role that AASL is playing in this regard can be seen in the continuous organization of events throughout Argentina, the implementation of virtual discussion spaces, the distribution of newsletters and informative material, and the constant search for networking platforms for the professional development of all its members.

All this with the goal of transforming Argentina into the largest and most competitive hub of translation companies in the region.


1. To become the representative of all translation, interpretation and language companies in Argentina when dealing with the different governmental agencies in order to reduce the fiscal pressure on knowledge-based companies.

2. To professionalize the translation industry in Argentina through the creation of language-related jobs, added-value services, standardization and other related endeavors.

3. To represent the Argentine translation industry before foreign bodies and organizations.

4. To establish networking, benchmarking and mentoring opportunities in different locations and at different times of the year in order to allow its members to submit their concerns, ideas, goals and proposals, in accordance with applicable antitrust legislation.

5. To develop training programs for translators, project managers and other industry professionals in order to prepare them for the actual job market..

6. To establish communication channels with government regulatory agencies in order to ascertain the current international commercial strategy. The Association can then identify (and remove) any obstacles that will affect the export of services related to the industry, paving the way for a better positioning of Argentina as a regional market leader in terms of translation and localization services.


The story of AASL begins in 2015, when the first president of the Association, Gabriela Lemoine, approached the owners and representatives of local translation companies in order to create a framework that would allow all industry leaders to discuss topics and events of interest to the translation and localization sector. It was during these early conversations that the idea of creating a formal association started taking root, which over time would become the go-to federal association representing translation companies in Argentina.

This first meeting was followed by an intense round of personal and virtual meetings, in which a number of experienced professionals and consultants helped the original founders through months of hard work until they finally achieved the collective dream of creating an industry association.

In May 2017, the Bylaws and Incorporation Act were signed before a notary public, and the newly created Argentine Association of Language Services Companies proceeded to designate its first authorities.


Cristian Modesto (Arcadia Translations)


Operations Director of
Arcadia Translations




Operations Director of
Idea Translations
Maria José Alberto

Main Spokesperson

General Manager of
Insight Language Solutions
Paula Ferrari

Main Spokesperson

Director of Client Solutions of
Go Global Consulting
Charles Campbell

Alternate Spokesperson

President of
Ignacio Valencia Ru (Latinlingua)

Statutory Auditor

CEO of

Alternate Statutory Auditor

Production Manager of
Arcadia Translations