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Who can be a part of AASL?

An association’s strength lies in its members, so our number one priority is to reach out to all the region’s language services companies in order to continue growing. The contributions made by each and every one of our members allow us to meet our objectives head-on and to progress even further in our search for a better industry for everybody involved. The Association’s board of directors is the initiator of all strategies designed to make this a reality. We therefore extend a warm invitation to all local translation and related services companies to join the Association and participate in furthering the industry’s objectives. Being a member of AASL has benefits which will continue to multiply as more stakeholders participate.


Why join AASL?

Because we are deeply committed to establishing links between owners and representatives of Argentine translation companies in order to achieve common goals and submit proposals to official agencies and bodies. Because we are a unique professional association where you can confidently share concerns, exchange ideas, leverage teamwork and learn more about new industry trends and regulations affecting the industry as a whole. Because our members are able to establish professional and personal bonds and to develop a real space in which to meet, unlike the virtual world in which we spend most of the year.

In a way, this is AASL’s raison d’être: to create a collaborative space in which all participants feel they are part of something greater than their individual efforts.

Through this collaborative framework of personal and professional growth, AASL’s members can reap benefits that could have a significant impact on their companies.


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As our membership grows, so will the benefits of being part of AASL!


Discount on the purchase of Plunet software.

For more information on this discount, please contact sales representative Sophie Halbeisen:


5% additional discount on the Latin America price for Translator Pro, Project Manager and memoQ Server licenses.

20% discount on memoQ consulting, implementation and training services through Go Global, memoQ’s official representative in Latin America.

For more information on this benefit, please complete the contact form in, indicating your AASL membership.


AASL’s membership gives you access to bank account benefits.

For more information, please contact Maximiliano Boero Recabarren:


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All AASL members have access to a discount for the ALC Annual Conference and Unconference.

All ALC members also have a discount to all events organized by AASL.


15% discount on GALA membership (exclusive for new members, does not apply to membership renewals) for all AASL members.

USD 100 discount on GALA’s Annual Conference registration for all AASL members.

All GALA members also have a discount to all events organized by AASL.


The opportunity to participate in different events organized by the Association: business lunches in different cities across the country, followed by workshops/seminars given by experts in different topics related to business management, taxes, corporate ethics and other industry-relevant topics.


The possibility to participate as speakers/presenters in training or teamwork sessions, whether in person or virtually.


Increased visibility of member companies and increased traffic to their respective websites by linking all content through AASL’s official website and social media platforms.